How To Trim A Snake Plant? (Mother In Law’s Tongue)

Sansevieria Trifasciata is most commonly known as Snake plant or Mother in law’s tongue. However, there are more than 70 different varieties of Sansevieria. And many of them are classified as different types of snake plants. Snake plants are very popular, easy to maintain houseplant that have fleshy, succulent leaves. Depending on the variety, these leaves … Read more

Fertilizing The Snake Plants

Many people overlook the significance of fertilizing indoor plants, especially snake plants. Sansevieria or snake plants are well known for being tolerant to neglect. They appear to survive almost any growing conditions. This may lead to a misunderstanding that they do not require feeding. But, that’s not true at all. Being a new plant parent … Read more

Sunlight, Temperature And Humidity

Mother in law’s tongue or snake plants are attractive houseplants with gorgeous leaves. You can grow them indoors as well as outdoors. Although these sturdy Sansevieria can withstand a broad range of atmospheric situations, they cannot thrive in all conditions. Let’s learn what are the optimal conditions of light, temperature and humidity for snake plants, … Read more

Best Soil For Snake Plants (Sansevieria)

Snake Plants are one of the most beloved indoor houseplants. In the warmer climate, you can easily grow them outdoors as well. Their vertical sword-shaped, patterned foliage really makes them stand out from other houseplants. These lucky plants also act as natural air purifiers. Most importantly, you can ignore them for weeks or even months … Read more

Grow Snake Plant In Water – No Soil Indoor Care Guide

grow snake plant in water

Snake plants are pretty common yet amazing houseplants that can beautify your home and office. These tough and hard-to-kill plants can naturally thrive on anything from fertile soil to rocks. However, you probably have never seen a snake plant (Mother in law’s tongue) growing just in water. Yes, it is definitely possible, although with a … Read more

Snake Plant Leaves Curling? – Causes And Treatment

snake plant leaves curling

Snake plants are common houseplants popular for their hardiness and tolerance to imperfect growing conditions. These plants will sustain irregular watering and low light as well. Although mother in law’s tongue plants are very tough, they do need some basic care. If neglected for too long, they may become weak and attract pests and diseases. … Read more