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Set of Pink Ceramic Pots

Matte Black Ceramic Planter



Decorative Stones

Tools and Supplies

Tool Set with Bag

A perfect 7 piece stainless steel tool set comes with a cute tote bag to store these tools.

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Personalized garden tools

Gift your loved ones this beautiful set of personalized premium quality garden tools.

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Gardening Apron

The perfect gift for that gardener in your life!

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Gardening Gloves

These thorn proof gauntlet gloves are elegant and strong. 

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Gift Ideas

Snake Plant Keychain

This handmade enamel keychain is a perfect little gift for yourself or others.

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Snake Plant Paint Kit

Compliment your indoor greenery with this art painted by yourself. It comes with painting supplies.

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Plant Lady Pot Mug

This pot-shaped mug is a beautiful gift for the plant lady in your life.

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Plant Pendant Necklace

This handmade brass necklace with vibrant colors and amazing finish looks super cute!

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