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Is the snake plant poisonous?

Before planting any type of ornamental plant, we must learn about how to care for it to keep it lush and green all year round. Or what is the use of that plant, is it good for health or not? Among today’s indoor plants, it would be a mistake not to mention the snake plant. The snake plant has the effect of beautifying the living space, improving feng shui in the family and supporting very good health care, especially your sleep. However, one of the concerns of many people is not knowing whether the snake plant is poisonous or whether it is really safe for health. You can refer to the article below to better understand the effects and limitations of this ornamental plant.


Snake plant beautifies your family’s space

1.Take a look at the benefits of growing snake plant

Before answering the question of whether the snake plant is poisonous , let’s take a look at some of the advantages of the snake plant that have been recognized and proven by many reputable organizations.

First to mention is the air purifying effect of growing snake plants. Houses located in polluted areas or companies and offices that use a lot of machinery and electronic equipment, the air is contaminated with toxic gases and radiation from those devices. In these spaces, planting snake plants will help improve a lot, and the pollution index will decrease significantly. So that is why many families choose to grow snake plants in their families.

Second, the snake plant has the effect of releasing oxygen at night, so we often see small snake plants placed in the bedroom in hotels or 5-star resorts. If you find it difficult to sleep, your sleep is not deep, or you are tired after waking up, don’t forget to place a pot of snake plant in your bedroom. Surely you will see a clear improvement in your health in that positive direction.


Snake plant helps improve your sleep

The snake plant also has feng shui meaning for each family. Feng shui plants have the effect of repelling evil spirits. The shape of the leaves of the snake plant is like a sharp sword, avoiding scandals for the homeowner and the house. Therefore, many families and offices place snake plants in their homes and on their desks with the hope of bringing luck and fortune in work and life.

The third benefit of the snake plant is that it provides natural moisture, increasing the humidity in the house. This will reduce dry skin, especially in winter. That’s good, isn’t it?

So with a plant that has so many uses, is the snake plant poisonous, and if used too much will it affect health?

2. Is the snake plant poisonous?

With a compact shape that can be placed on a table or large sized plants to decorate office spaces, this type of ornamental plant is still the top choice to this day.

However, in each given space, the level of greenery arrangement will be different. If you place too many ornamental plants, it will not be good for your health or living space. Therefore, you should pay attention to the specific space to choose the appropriate number and size of snake plants.


Do not eat snake leaves directly 

The snake plant is in the same family as aloe vera, but it is still toxic. If eaten in large quantities and directly, the snake plant will be toxic . Unfortunately, if you swallow or chew the snake plant, you will feel nauseous and sensitive people will have skin irritation. Therefore, this is a decorative plant with external effects, not used as a medicine or used directly. You should be careful if you have young children in the house to avoid children breaking the leaves and swallowing them.

If you live in the countryside or in a village with large land and good climate, you will see a lot of snake plants and even grow them to make fences, because the plant is meant to ward off evil spirits, but we have not seen any emergency cases caused by this plant. Because of this, it is somewhat reassuring that the snake plant’s toxicity is not great , however it is also recommended not to eat it because it can cause poisoning.

If you know how to use it, snake plant will certainly not be as toxic as you think, but on the contrary, it will bring you many useful effects. Therefore, you should carefully research the space where the plant will be placed, the number of plants, the size as well as the purpose of use to choose a suitable snake plant pot.