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What diseases does the snake plant treat?

The snake plant is a feng shui ornamental plant that is loved by many people. What diseases does the snake plant cure is something that many people are interested in. According to Oriental medicine, tiger tongue is used to treat diseases such as sore throat, ear infections, coughs, hoarseness, etc., all of which are very effective.

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1. Overview of snake plant

Snake plant belongs to the snake plant family, originating from West Africa.

Characteristics of snake plant:

  • Morphological characteristics: Snake plant is a rhizome plant; The leaves are dark green, thick and hard, shiny, grow directly from the base, have a narrow spear shape, along both sides of the leaf edge there is a yellow strip surrounding the entire leaf. Snake plant flowers are quite small, ivory white, have 6 petals, and often grow in clusters. The fruit is spherical, orange-yellow in color.
  • Distribution characteristics: In Vietnam, the tree often grows in mountainous and plain areas, and is also grown indoors as an ornamental plant by many families.
  • To make medicine, people mainly use the leaves of the snake plant. The leaves are harvested year-round and are mainly used fresh.
  • Regarding chemical composition: The gel from snake plant leaves mainly contains acetic acid and ethyl acetate. In addition, the roots also contain sansevieria alkaloids and resins.

Many people know the snake plant as a feng shui plant and indoor decorative plant, but not everyone knows what diseases the snake plant cures and which parts it uses. What diseases does snake leaves treat and how is it best to use them? Can snake plant roots be used to treat diseases? In fact, the whole snake plant can be used, but when treating diseases, snake leaves are mainly used.

As described above, snake plant roots contain alkaloids, this active ingredient has the same effect as digitalis, but compared to the effect on the cardiovascular circulatory system, the alkaloid is weaker, in exchange for the duration of action as well as the Eliminated faster than digitalis.

To answer the question of what diseases snake leaves treat , there are a few studies on the pharmacological properties of snake plants that have shown that gel from snake leaves has very good antibacterial properties, especially against bacteria. tuberculosis. The active ingredient ethyl acetate in snake plant leaves helps inhibit the growth of s.aureus and e.coli bacteria.

In addition, the active ingredients barbaloin, aloin and aloe emodin found in snake plant also help stimulate digestion and regulate stomach contractions.

According to Oriental medicine, the snake plant has cool properties, sour taste, heat-clearing and detoxifying effects, and is very good for vitality.

Indications for treatment with snake plant are for certain diseases such as:

  • Ear, nose and throat diseases: Ear infections, cough, hoarseness, sore throat ,…
  • Digestive system diseases: Digestive disorders , indigestion, stomach ulcers , belching,…
  • Skin diseases such as dermatitis , scald,…
  • Kidney stones , asthma attacks or dental and facial diseases such as bleeding gums, tooth decay,…

Using snake plant to treat diseases, mainly using fresh leaves, squeezing juice directly is best. You should only use about 6 to 12g per day.

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3. Some medicinal remedies from snake plant

  • Remedy to treat ear infections , especially in cases with pus discharge: Take the snake leaves, wash them, heat them over a fire until they wilt, then crush them to get the juice and drip directly into the inflamed ear. Drop 3 to 4 times a day until the disease improves.
  • Use snake plant to treat sore throat and cough: Take 6 – 12g of snake leaves, wash them, cut them into small pieces and chew directly with salt. Do this about 1 to 2 times a day until the disease gets better.
  • Snake plant treats stomach ulcers : Use gel from snake plant leaves mixed with drinking water every day continuously for 1 month and the disease will be fine.
  • Snake plant treats dermatitis: Wash 2 to 3 fresh snake plant leaves, then cut them into pieces and crush them to get the juice. Clean the inflamed skin area and then directly apply filtered snake plant leaf juice. Apply twice a day, skin improves very quickly.
  • Snake plant leaves treat kidney stones: Drink fresh juice of snake plant leaves every day to improve the condition of stones.
  • Use the snake plant to treat bad breath , tooth decay, and improve bleeding gums: Take the leaves of the snake plant, wash it, crush it and take the water to gargle twice a day in the morning and evening before eating. go to bed.
  • Treating belching and indigestion with snake plant leaves: Snake plant leaf juice is very effective in improving symptoms of gastric reflux syndrome , bloating and indigestion.
  • Snake plant leaves can soothe asthma attacks: Take the liquid inside the snake plant leaves, mix it with hot water, and inhale the nose once a day to help improve asthma symptoms .

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Although snake plant is good, when using it, you also need to be careful to use it correctly and in the right dosage to achieve treatment effects without affecting your health. It is recommended not to use more than 40mg of gel from snake plant leaves in a day. Before using the snake plant, it needs to be cleaned several times to remove impurities inside.

The snake plant is not only for ornamental purposes but also has many medicinal effects. Not only snake tongue but any medicinal plant, if used incorrectly, not only will it not cure the disease but it can also leave side effects. Therefore, consult your doctor before using snake plant to treat diseases.